Monday, June 28, 2010


Do you think the Stitching Sisters had a wonderful time in Memphis? Uh...YEAH!!

After struggling through the security gates at NY's LaGuardia airport (no, we did not try to sneak on with illicit scissors, the lines were just SOOOOO long), our fully packed plane departed more or less on time (brief aside: air travel is much more awful than the airline industry would like you to really know. The whole process is just so time consuming now-a-days. This is not to dissuade you from getting to Amy's--it's definitely worth it! But in the interest of fair disclosure we thought you should know). We arrived in Memphis Thursday afternoon, with plenty of time to zip ourselves over to Amy's Golden Strand.

Linda & I went right on in to the classroom, where Amy was busily preparing for the days ahead. The classroom was just as Linda described it last year, bright and well lit, a full bookcase wall of reference materials, tons of worked up samples on the walls (not so much completed projects but more partially completed or doodle projects, so students could study techniques up close). We walked around to our spots, & then Amy encouraged us to look at the other students' canvases as well. So interesting! I have to admit there were no canvases that I wouldn't have wanted to at least try....
Up at the top of this post you will find our new friend Marlene's canvas, called "Bad Habits." It is just a fun, fun canvas, nice and big to try out all sorts of interesting new tricks. I was sure that Amy had quite a few in that stitch guide.....

And my canvas! And the threads! Oh, so exciting! I couldn't wait to get started!
We did go into the store and I met Jill and Peggy (Linda had met both of them last year). There were already a few items I found that I "had to have," including a little canvas for Ashley.
Linda & I took our stitch guides & threads back to the hotel. After dinner, we organized ourselves for the next day, putting our threads in floss away bags & our guides into the sleeves and folders we had brought along. We checked and double checked our tools, reading through those beautifully written guides a few times. We couldn't wait until Friday when class got started, and we got to meet our classmates!


Melinda said...

Denise and Linda - To say I am jealous is an understatement! My complexion is a sickly shade of green. I love your canvases and look forward to reading more about your experiences in Memphis. I hope to get there one day myself. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Michelle said...

Loved stitching with you guys....miss it already. Can't wait until Nov. 2011. Keep posting pics of the progress on your canvases. If I can figure out how to do it I will send you pics of mine as it progresses