Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, Jake's Hat and Memphis

I am finished with the Merry Christmas Mystery Canvas Class given by Ruth Schmuff. The canvas is a Raymond Crawford with stitch guide by Ruth Schmuff. What fun I had stitching this canvas. Just have to do two rows around the finished canvas to help the finisher. Ruth did such a great job on the stitch guide. The threads, stitches and beads really makes the canvas pop. I hope to send this off to Ruth for finishing when I return from Memphis. Ruth worked her magic on the stitch guide and now she will work more magic with the finishing. This will be Jake's frame for his Christmas picture.
We bought Jake this funny hat for the beach. He really looks so cute in it. Just had to post a picture of him. I also want to let you see him sucking his thumb.
Tomorrow we are off to Memphis. I cannot wait. I really need a break. I am so excited and Denise is just jumping with joy. I cannot wait to see what Amy did with my canvas. Just know it is going to be spectacular. Unfortunately Jen will not be coming with us. She is really upset but she just cannot leave Jake. Denise and I will just have more room on the plane. Never cancelled Jen's ticket just in case she changed her mind.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

So Merry Christmas will be cut out and replaced with Jake's Xmas photo? What a clever idea!

Have fun with Amy for me, ok. And give Robin King a hug if you run into her.

Peggy said...

Linda, How sweet that you never canceled Jen's ticket. We will miss her this weekend.

Robin said...

Welcome home, Linda & Denise. I had a great time visiting with you... (thanks to our auxiliary hostess, Marlene S.) Hope you had a fun time in Memphis. It was special hanging out with you.