Sunday, February 20, 2011

Linda has decided that It's Spring

And, therefore, the blog has been appropriately modified for the new season.

Let us just ignore the forecasted snow & wintry mix anticipated for my day off tomorrow. I decided to follow Linda's lead & get my car washed after the gym this morning. What a difference to be able to see out the side windows! That's as far as I'll go in optimistically anticipating better weather.

Linda, on the other hand, is happily decorating her home for Easter. The snow finally melted enough here (5 miles from Linda's house) last week for my husband to take down most of the Christmas decorations (there's still one decoration buried under a pile of snow that he can't get to). We did have a few more outside decorations up than Linda (despite his complaining endlessly about it, my husband loves how people comment about our Christmas lights), so I can let my husband off the hook about leaving them up until now. Linda took her wreath down the week after Christmas. I took mine down last Sunday--and only because it was dead.

Linda is busy working on Scarlett, when her shoulder allows. I am very nervous about her shoulder. I hope she gives it some rest during this week off from my Jake duty; we both love him to death, but he's a big boy, and carrying him around can't be good for her shoulder.

I have managed to finish another Christmas canvas. This is a Raymond Crawford canvas that was part of Fireside Stitchery's club last year; this was the first in the series. I was so excited to see how this turned out....I think it's very pretty and I am looking forward to the rest of these. Sequins & beads! Very different & elegant. I love the way the Frosty Rays looks like snow or fur on the ornament.

And I am now back to working on Positano. As you can see, I have the wall, the tree, the flowers on the tree all undone. I've decided this is coming to my office, as Positano is one of my favorite spots in Italy.

Cara & Mia felt they hadn't been adequately represented here on the blog & so I present them for your viewing. They are sisters, both Tonks, not Siamese. Cara is on the right, Mia on the left. They certainly are hoping Aunt Linda is right; this winter has been long enough!



We got 7 inches of snow last night. So much for Spring.


Diane said...

is time for spring!?

Robin said...

Love the new colors. Today's weather in Memphis: 71 degrees.

Melinda said...

Positano is beautiful, Denise, and I love your ornament! Have faith, Spring is on its way. I hope our trees and shrubs that are showing signs of blooming aren't cruelly tricked by Mother Nature in the next few weeks. Saw lots of beautifully blooming trees in Savannah today.

Anonymous said...

Love the ornament and your Positano is stunning. I am ready for Spring as well.

Thanks for sharing. Love the blog

Sue VanderNoor

Missy Gray said...

Denise, that ornament is spectacular. Beautifully stitched. Spring or not -- bring on more of those!