Saturday, February 5, 2011

Linda Is Not An Only Child

Linda keeps reminding me that she is not an only child.

I present to you evidence that I exist, & I actually have been stitching.

I had wanted to finish the Sharon G Positano Door, which was the canvas that I did at Amy's last summer. Amy did a magnificent stitch guide, & that canvas was the second to last "large" canvas that I wanted to complete. I really wanted to get that posted up for you to see. Unfortunately, I ran out of two threads, and am waiting for them to come to me from Amy's. In the meanwhile, I jumped into my 2011 plan, which was to finish as many small pieces from my stash as I could.

So, I am presenting some of the canvases I've completed in the past two weeks.

Except for the last photo, these are all from the "Teeny Ornaments" club from Fireside Stitchery. I loved working on these, as they came with stitch guides, threads, beads & any other embellishments. Because they were so small, they generally worked up in a night or two. What instant gratification, especially since I've come off a year of canvases that generally have taken months to finish. I really enjoyed this club; it was reasonably priced & just made me happy. These ornaments do look adorable on my needlepoint tree.

The top canvas, still shown on bars, is almost done; I have about another 45 minutes of work left, but I think if I didn't post something soon I was going to be disowned by my Stitching Sister. I worked for the first time with DMC's memory wire on this canvas; it was used for the pom pom. What an innovative idea! You just coiled up the memory wire & couched it down with three different threads that you had used elsewhere on the canvas, & it looks like a pom pom.

The last canvas is something I grabbed for Ashley when Linda & I took a ride to Gone Stitching in New Jersey this summer. It's a pony tail holder. It's the first time I've worked a canvas "in hand" in years. This was also fun to do & putting it together to be used right away is even more fun than sending stuff in to the finisher!

I actually have a few more photos to show you, but I will save them for another post. Since there are no blizzards predicted for tomorrow, Linda & I are planning on going to the Super Bowl party at Edwardian Needle. My husband is confused by my attendance at a Super Bowl party where there will be no TV & I will be home before kickoff.

Men. What do they understand?


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