Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring - Winter - Wonderful Surprises

As you all know from Denise's blog post on Sunday, I decided it was time to bring Spring into my home. I put out a few Easter decorations on Sunday and on Monday we got 6 inches of snow. I guess Mother Nature was trying to tell me something. This has been a very bad winter for us and I was really feeling hopeful that the snow was over when we had sixty degree weather last week but I was mistaken. I still have the feel of Spring in my heart and am very happy every time I look at my mantel.
Today I got a wonderful box from Amy's. The last lesson for the Haunted House arrived and I am sorry to say that now all the Characters and House are complete. I am even more upset that as of today I have only finished three Characters. Life has really gotten in the way of my stitching this year. Hopefully, I will be able to have more time to stitch soon. Also in my wonderful box is a picture frame canvas for Jake with a train and his name on it. I also found in my box the new book Shapes of Needlepoint by Sandra Arthur. This book is perfect for me to find stitches for Jake's frame. It is the perfect book for the train. Cannot wait to sit down and pick out stitches for this project. I also got the wonderful new book by Sharon G, Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations. What fun I am going to have exploring this book. I also got my threads for my XOXO canvas and the most wonderful part of the box are the two stitch guides Amy did for Kelly Clark's Drizzled Witchy Hats and Hallowed Candy Corns. The stitch guides are amazing, but what else would you expect from Amy, the threads are great and Jill and Peggy did a spectacular job stitching the samples. What fun they are going to be to stitch. Now all I have to do is find the time.
I just have the basket to do on Scarlett and then Rhett and her will be mailed off to Ruth for finishing. I do not know if I will see them for Easter since it is so late but one can hope.
Tomorrow I will be going for my MRI for my shoulder. I was supposed to have it done on Monday but with the snow I rescheduled. I will be one happy person when this is over.


Sasha said...

I hoe your MRI went well. I had one on my shoulder and barely made it through the MRI it was so painful. Good Luck. Love your blog.

Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - You really are all set for spring - as long as you stay inside! That was very cruel of Mother Nature to send you so much snow after giving you a taste of spring last week. Your decorations are wonderful - a whole new holiday for Jake to be excited about! What a great box of goodies you received from Amy's! Lots of fun things to stitch! Good luck with the MRI - I'll be thinking about you.

Kelly said...

Tell us about the Sandra Arthur book. Does it give you suggestions for particular shapes on a canvas? Thanks.

Anne Stradal said...

Leaving a Frosty the Snowman cookie jar out on a kitchen counter is a lot like taking an umbrella with you so it doesn't rain.