Monday, February 28, 2011

Scarlett's Finished -- Nana's Helper

Finally Scarlett is finished. I felt like I was stitching this piece for an eternity. Scarlett and Rhett will be shipped off tomorrow for finishing. I am not hopeful about getting them in time for Easter but at least they will be finished.
Jake decided to help me today with stitches. He was going through my Halloweenie notebook and telling me what to do. Jake loves books. He will sit for the longest time just reading his books. It is hard to believe that next week he will be one year old. He is starting to walk and is talking up a storm. Everyday we work together on flash cards and he is learning his colors. As you can tell, all the time I use to spend stitching is now spent on Jake.
I started the Fall tree by Eye Candy. It looks like a really fun stitch with great colors and stitches. I think it will be a very fast stitch but then I think that about everything.


Anonymous said...

What great stitch selections on Scarlett! She's beautifully done.


Melinda said...

Linda - Scarlett is adorable! I love her hat, her necklace, her clothes! There is so much detail to her! I can see why you think she took forever.

Your little helper will soon be reading stitch directions to you. I can't believe he is almost a year old. This year really flew by when I think about that.

I've got my fingers crossed for you that you get Scarlett and Rhett back before Easter.

Missy Gray said...

Scarlett looks super, Linda. Can't wait to see your next project. The EyeCandy autumn tree is a delight.