Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Little Finish

In between our scissor fob adventures last week, I finished up the next in the "Calendar Club" series from A Stitch in Time. This one is so pretty, and the background was quite different. Having completed this, I have passed the halfway point in this series of Raymond Crawford canvases. I have been enjoying these quick little stitches; instant gratification!

Linda gave me the missing snowflakes for my "Twas the Night" canvas & you can see the truly completed project here. Thanks, Linda! So pleased that this will make the Christmas finishing deadline.

The post-Labor day workweek started off with quite ferociously for me at the office and it's going to be a long, long short week for me. The highlight for me will be the African Teapot class tonight with Tony Minieri; I am hopeful that it won't be cancelled, but we have had heavy rains for the past 24 hours here & some roadways are already closed. Tony comes from northern NJ, which was severely impacted by Irene & I'm sure this latest deluge isn't helping.

Jake had his first day back in Nana day care, & I'm sure Linda will update you on their day.

Off to work.



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

That *is* an interesting background treatment!

So glad you have your snowflakes and another two finished under your belt. Hugs to you both, by the way. Hope the weather calms down for all of us soon.

Jen said...

Love the Rebecca Wood piece. I have this in my stash & seeing it stitched so beautifully certainly gives me the inspiration to pull it to the top of the pile! :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo. My two favorite things in life: the first stitch and the last stitch. They both look great. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Stephanie in Texas

Elaine Stevens said...

Could you please let us know the name of the snowflakes and where you purchased them? Thanks!

Denise & Linda said...

Elaine, I got the snowflakes at Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont, NY. You'd have to call them (914-834-1886) & ask them the name of the snowflakes as one of the shop's owners, Madalena, procured them for us. Denise