Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daylight for Stand

I received a comment from Diane about the magnifier/light I use. I do not use a magnifier so I can only answer to the light. I use the Daylight Slimline Lamp,
Number U32107. This light slips right into the tray attachment for the K's stand and also for the tray accessory for the System 4 stand. I have both stands and it works perfectly with both. I am presently using my K's stand and you can see from the picture how it works. I absolutely love this light. I can move the light to shine on specific areas of the canvas if needed and can raise or lower the height also. Another great feature is that it is attached to your stand and you do not have another floor light around. I used the floor stand Ott Light before this Daylight and I never felt that it gave me enough light.
I do not use a magnifier because I
had special stitching glasses made. You have the bifocal made +0.50 stronger than your regular reading glasses. You now have the perfect glasses to stitch with. I found out about this on the ANG site.
Hope this helps.


Diane said...

Thank you Linda! You're a sweetie

Casey said...

I have a Daylight Lamp too!! I LOVE it! I have a table base for it. I have a picture on the December 7th post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda - I bought that daylight lamp also and used it a couple of times - but it started to smell like it was burning. I must have had a defective one and haven't used it since - and of course, did nothing to try to get it replaced. Have you had a problem with it smelling like it was burning? I was worried that it had an electrical short. Susan Bisanzo

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Susan,
I have never had that problem with my Daylight. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Linda - Good to know - I'll try mine again and see if it happens this time

I'm taking Tony's back to basics class at your store in Larchmont this spring - maybe I'll see you there


Anonymous said...

That is interesting about the reading glasses. I would love to get that huge magnifier out of my way. Tell us where you found that bifocal information on the ANG site. I've gone there but can't find it. Thank you!

Denise & Linda said...

Stitching Glasses
Go to under the FAQ section - you to scroll down a bit.