Thursday, January 12, 2012

Progress on Christmas Banner

I have finally finished the "C". The last bead went in last night and then I immediately started the "H". This is such a fun and rewarding canvas to stitch. Each pear is truly a work of art. Amy has come up with such wonderful stitches and threads for each pear. I look forward to finishing one to see what adventure the next one holds. I am trying to stay on top of this project so I am not behind when the Thanksgiving House arrives in April.

The big birthday celebration has been booked. We will be going to the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa in Connecticut. The complex is spectacular and everyone is all excited about our spa/needlepoint adventure.
I cannot wait to share everything with you but as you know I have been censored so you will have to wait until the middle of July.



Steph's Stitching said...

Linda-That looks fantastic! You beading is perfect. I am sad I am not doing the banner, but looking forward to my class project and the Thanksgiving House.

Diane said...

Linda, It is looking fantastic. I did not receive my banner until after Christmas. Just finished the border and am waiting for my kit #2 "C". So far, so good. I also wanted to bend your ear again about the type of Magnifier/light you have for your stand. Happy stitching.

Melinda said...

It looks beautiful, Linda! You are really moving right along, too. It is a good feeling to get the beading done and then be able to move on to the H. I can't get through half of one pear before I am already thinking about the next one!