Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kitty Cats & Pillows

Here, on the white pillow,is the Amanda Lawford canvas of two kitties at dinner. I purchased this at our local Stitch by Stitch when Amanda came to visit. I had another similar canvas (on the green pillow) that I had done a few years ago, & I thought this would make a good pair with it. In addition, the kitties in this canvas look like my two babies.

I took this canvas with me to an embellishment class with Sharon G at Nimble Needle. As expected, Sharon had many great ideas--including the sushi!! I love embellishment classes with Sharon; I missed the last one last weekend, & want to go to the next one at Karen's Nimble Needle.

I had it finished similarly to the other canvas I already had. They are now together in the living room; that light color silk makes it ineligible for the rough & tumble of my family room.

I am working steadily on the Thanksgiving House; it's a lot of work & a huge canvas.

Be back in a few weeks.


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