Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

I had the most wonderful weekend - stitching, spending time with friends, and fabulous food.

Amy wrote the most fabulous stitch guides for everyone in the class. I spent time going around admiring everyone's stitching. Amy is writing new guides to add to the catalogue. One of the guides is for Melissa Shirley's BOO banner. I immediately ordered the canvas, guide, and threads when it is ready.

Here is a picture of the canvas. You will be totally blown away by the magic Amy is working on this canvas. The embellishments are to die for.

I did not accomplish much stitching. I was to busy socializing and shopping. Here is what I did on the fence.

This is what I accomplished on the turkey.

The pilgrim girl is almost done but I do not have a picture of her yet. Will post one tomorrow with the next amazing canvas that Amy has written a stitch guide for.
Of course, I purchased this one too.

Make sure you read the June newsletter when it comes out. Amy collaborated with another fabulous stitch guide writer on a Labors of Love canvas. She told us all about it in class and it is going to be spectacular.


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Steph's Stitching said...

You went wild! I can't wait to see the next canvas. I am still waiting on my Ewe and Eye canvas that I ordered from PFOS to save money. The guide and threads have already arrived from Amy's. I read the guide every night. I practically memorized it!
Glad you are home and safe.