Sunday, January 27, 2013

Portfolio for Needlepoint

When I was in a class in December, I spotted this portfolio that someone had.
Needless to say I had to get all the info on it and the next day contacted Barbara about ordering two of the portfolios. Barbara is a wonderful person to work with.
We spent a lot of time discussing fabrics and what I wanted. I felt her prices were very reasonable and the quality of her work is excellent.

This is the small portfolio

Inside of small portfolio

Large protfolio

Inside of large portfolio

The pocket that has my monogram on it will hold my stitch guide. My canvas will be very secure and safe in this portfolio. I cannot wait to use them. I am planning on ordering some smaller ones for my smaller canvases. I feel that the portfolio
Barbara refers to as small is for medium size canvases so that is why I want to order some smaller ones. She will make any size you want. The two I have are the standard sizes she makes.


jill said...

Oh Linda, these are wonderful. A must have and what a great gift they'd make. Thank you for sharing. You find the best stuff.

Anne Bloom said...

Who made them for you? They look great!

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Anne,
Bags by Barb, Barbara Garrana, made them for me.
They are beautifully made.

Steph's Stitching said...

I know Barb personally and she is a most excellent person. Those bags are wonderful. I love the initials.

MNStitcher said...

Does she have a website - a quick look found some references to her bags, but I haven't found a way to see more of her things

Diane Gasior said...

Gosh Darn You Linda. Now I have to have one of these also. They are perfect.