Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Craft Shopping

We continued on to our next craft shop, a yarn store in Falmouth called "Sage." I found the name intriguing when I googled "yarn stores, Cape Cod."

This is the thing I love about yarn stores: I love to touch all the beautiful yarn. And there are so many types, so many colors, so many...everything. Don't misunderstand: I love my needlepoint stores just as much. But the yarn does bring me back to my childhood, when my Nanny introduced me to her favorite yarn manufacturer, Berocco (I'm sure it was the Italian name that first attracted her). They still make beautiful yarn. Ashley got some pretty pink cotton acrylic, & I got a lovely wool/tencel blend. Mmmmm.

Ashley also "needed" this crochet hook.

We're hoping for great beaching tomorrow.

Location:Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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