Sunday, August 18, 2013

Third Halloween Star Finished

All three Halloween Star canvases are finished and ready to go off to the finisher.
Kathy Schenkel is the designer of these canvases. I am having them finished as ornaments. I decided not to add more and make them into a garland for my mantel.
Last year I purchased a Halloween mantel cover from Grandinroad and just love it so I did not want to make the ornaments into garland.

The Skelton

All three Halloween stars.

Have not been stitching a lot this weekend - I have been busy watching Downton Abbey. Have finished seasons one and two and am presently watching season three. I realized that you cannot stitch while watching this show. Hope to finish it up soon so I can get back to stitching.


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Diane Gasior said...

I see two or three more for a garland. I think it would be very, very cute!