Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cat in Leaves Project

Here's a photo of a recently completed project. It's an HP Designs canvas, purchased about a year ago. I just had to have it; although the cat in the canvas didn't look like my cat, those eyes--yes, those devilish eyes were those of my cat. The leaves scared me, though, & I just would look at this canvas--what to do? Then a canvas enhancement class with David McCaskill was offered at Ridgewood Needlepoint--this is what I would bring!

David was full of great ideas, particularly the "stitching lite" for the leaves. But the best part was that David immediately said--"Let's pick threads to make it look like your cat!" And so we did, with David suggesting stitch directions, threads & stitches for the cat.

The canvas is now hanging in my hallway, with that image of my cat watching as I pass by!


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