Monday, August 4, 2008

Inherited Needlepoint

A client of mine called yesterday when we were out, and left a message that she was having her daughter drop a package off at my house. I forgot about it until I went out to water the flowers this morning, & there was a Wal Mart bag just outside the door.....what could this be? Inside was a Monet-like flower print, in a stainless steel frame---hmmm. But then--further in the bag--was a matching frame--with the same print--needlepointed! How beautiful--& thoughtful of my client. I called her daughter a few minutes ago, & she told me that as her mom is now in an assisted living facility, she is having her house packed up, selling & giving away what she can. She remembered that I have a few needlepointed items in my office, & instructed her daughter to give me the needlepoint.

I will be bringing these two to the framers, to have them re-set with mats & in nicer frames. Makes me think what will happen to all my stuff. Fortunately, my daughter is a stitcher, and my nieces (and nephews) all seem to appreciate what I do, so I think they will divide it all up someday (hopefully a long time from now!) Since I have a great deal of needlework from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, I am touched to have someone else's legacy too. Needlework is probably the only form of "other people's stuff" that I would ever take into my home--I am not a yard sale kind of person--more of the type that donates to yard sales, just to get the stuff out of my house.

Ok, off to the office! Later, D

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