Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making Progress in Inventory Reduction

At long last, the three stocking cuffs are done. I have finished everything I wanted to for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, my LNS is now closed for vacation, so I can't bring them in so they can get off to the finisher, but at least all the stitching is done. Today I also finished my last homework assignment for the Stitches for Effect: Sky class, and set up my stitching notebook. I am now waiting for the next SFE class to begin from the Shining Needle Society, which is the Quilt Boxes class.

I actually had a boxes canvas that was coming up in the lineup, but I will wait until after I finish the Quilt Boxes class to make up a stitch guide for that canvas. So for today I will get back to my flag, a few boxes at a time. I get tired of working on it for more than 2 or 3 boxes though, because it is a big canvas to work on and somewhat awkward to maneuver. It's the only canvas I have that I must work at a table.

Last night, I reorganized my inventory list. I like having a list, because as I finish something, I get to take it off the list! On the other hand, having a list is a little scary.....In any event, I reorganized my list, dividing it into two separate lists--the charted designs list, & painted canvas list. See, the list got so much shorter! My DH, the accountant, said that was a really creative accounting move!

I need to decide what to work on next. I have a few small projects that will come with me on vacation next month, so I think one of those larger painted canvases need my attention now. After the intense push to get the cuffs done, I need something a little easy, so one of those charted designs probably won't make the cut. I will have to study my inventory list.....and let you know what comes up next in the lineup!


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