Thursday, August 14, 2008

Janet Perry's E-Project

And what is that, you say? Well, to quote Janet (and get it right),

"This inspired me to create this blog’s very first Come Stitch with Me project. The idea behind this project is that we will stitch it together, one square at a time. The colors and threads will be up to you, I’ll post instructions for each block about one every two weeks or so."

This is sort of like the class being offered through the Yahoo Groups Shining Needle Society, with cyber classes being offered by Beth Robertson & Suzanne Howren. Linda & I have been in the first installment of the SFE classes, which are "sky" stitches. The Sky class is almost over, & the quilting project starts soon. I think today is the last sign up day for that. For more info on that go to, & then search for Shining Needle Society, Home Room.

I know I have learned a lot from the Sky class & I can see myself getting on board with Janet's project as well.

Here's the link to Janet's blog:

Now, off to work on stocking cuffs. That Christmas deadline is fast approaching.


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