Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now that I'm over it

Now that I've recovered from what I am calling the pillow finishing fiasco, I can talk about what I've been stitching. Honestly, there wasn't much stitching done in the past few weeks, a few hours here or there, what with getting ready for the holidays, having the holidays, having a house full of people over the holidays.....but it's all been fun.

So, again, what's stitching? Well, there's a piece I purchased last year that is a Christmas Mantle. You can see it here....

It came with a detailed stitch guide & I received it with all the threads kitted up. As soon as I started it I could not master the background so I put it away. After much studying, I came up with a new background stitch, with some help from Ruth Schmuff's Stitches DVD's. Once I got a background stitch, I committed to working that all up. So the background is complete. I have now stitched most of the rug, using one of the stitches from the stitch guide for one rug section, and two different stitches for the other parts of the rug. And I am going to do the mantle itself in a different way than as described in the guide. And I am ordering some "dollhouse pieces" as decorations for the mantle. Other than that I am doing it exactly as shown ;)

It's funny that I loved this canvas when I saw the picture above, and yet when I started stitching it up following the guide I felt it needed revision, at least to make it mine. That, I guess, is what makes this a fundamentally unique craft, and the ability to see a different picture in the painted canvas is what makes it an art form, a little bit more than just following directions.


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