Saturday, January 3, 2009

What I did not accomplish over my Christmas vacation

New Year's Day. Excellent day for resolutions, best made plans & all that.

January 3. Better day for more well thought out resolutions.

So, I thought, I have this nice 4 day weekend. I am just going to sit down & finish some of those completed projects in my stash. I have quite a few Mittens & Socks from Fireside Stitchery's club. And then there were the three 5" x 5" canvases to make into pillows. I had all the materials, the trims, the time, the patience. My darling daughter helped me make the cording for the ornaments. So exciting. Linda & I anticipated my posts of all those lovely completed items.

I did all my cutting on New Year's Eve afternoon. Took a few hours, but my grandmother taught me to cut everything at the same time if you can. Cutting makes such a mess, may as well clean that up just the one time. Then I sat down & sewed together an ornament. I was reminded what a pain it is to turn that tiny ornament, so carefully stitched, right side out, but I got it done. Put on the cording, and hung the ornament on my tree. Wow! Ok, this will be fun. New Year's Day I sewed together the rest of the ornaments. Haven't done the detail work on those yet, so they are halfway done. There are 11 more to trim.

The plan was to sew all day Friday, & do all three pillows. Did not happen. So last night I sewed together maybe 20% of the first pillow. I decided that starting to miter corners at 10 pm wasn't a good idea. I got up today with the best of intentions. At 3:30 the revised resolution was put into effect.

The revised resolution is: I will not be finishing pillows anywhere in my future. I can envision more ornaments...but no more pillows. My pillow, which was at the 90% point when I took it apart, looked....homemade. I was not happy. My stitching looked so good. My pillow looked so amateurish that I was embarrassed. That is the end of that.

In retrospect, what I accomplished over my vacation was to figure out that I don't like sewing pillows so much. I did accomplish thing off of my "to do" list. Now those pillows are being moved to the "bring in for finishing" list.


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