Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tiny Mitten

I am working on a couple of large projects, so I needed a small one that I could finish quickly for a bit of instant gratification. Last year, when Linda & I and our daughters went to Fireside Stitchery, my daughter & I signed up for their Tiny Mittens & Socks club. So far, we've received 10, and my daughter did one; I've finished seven. There are two still to come and two in the stash. These have been fun to do, as each comes with threads, a very well written stitch guide and a couple of photos of the completed project for reference. I've actually finished all of them myself, having learned how to do this at an excellent class I took in Syracuse with Pat Mazu (big wave to my friends from the ANG Lake Effect Chapter!)
As I hope you can see, there are well chosen stitches on the mitten. There was some diagonal cashmere, diagonal mosaic, backstitch, cross stitches. van dyke, & a little beading. I've acually learned a lot doing this club, particularly about stitch selection. These canvases have very small areas to cover; despite that, there is little compensation. Stitches were carefully selected to fit into the counted areas. Impressive!
Tonight--if I can fight off this cold--back to the mantle.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Oh! Tiny wrapped packages stacked against a wallpapered wall! Very clever design as well as well chosen stitches.

Thanks for sharing.
Jane/Chilly Hollow

Napa Needlepoint said...

This is just too cute, got to get me some of them!

Keep Stitching,