Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jake's Spectacular Christmas Frame

What a beautiful frame for Jake's First Christmas Picture. This is a Raymond Crawford canvas and was a Mystery Class given by Ruth Schmuff. Ruth's Mystery Classes are just the absolute best. Her stitch guides are very clear and a fun stitch. Ruth's choice of threads, stitches and embellishments really bring the canvases to life, and you look forward to stitch each section . The best part of the Mystery Classes are that they are east to get finished by the of the class. About every two weeks you get a new lesson and it should take no more than a few nights to stitch. So if you do your lesson every time you get it, you should be finished by the end of class. I opted not to do the Merry Christmas in the center of the canvas, so that I could put a picture in that space. I am just thrilled with the frame.
The finisher did such a great job. I should have taken a picture of the back. If I have time, I will post it later or tomorrow. You would not believe how great it is. Just love everything about the Christmas Frame. I personally think that Ruth has the best finishers. Their work is always beautifully done. The main reason the finishing is so spectacular is Ruth. She comes up with best ideas, trims and embellishments that really make your finished piece pop.
In just about a month, I will be going down to see Ruth and take a canvas embellishment class from Brenda Hart. This just came about this week. Someone cancelled out of the class and it just so happens Jen, my daughter, is off from work and I am off Jake duty. I am so excited about seeing Ruth, her new store and traveling with my new stitching friend, Karen. We are going to have such a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

The frame is wonderful.
I really enjoy your blog-you both do such beautiful work!
Susan in CA

Melinda said...

Jake's a lucky boy! What a great frame - beautiful stitching! I hope I can take one of Ruth's mystery classes sometime. You're a great advertisement for it!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It is lovely and the finishing impeccable. Have a great time with Ruth and Brenda Hart! I'll be there with you in spirit, even if I can't travel due to Beloved's health any more.

Michelle said...

Linda, it is absolutely gorgeous. Jake's Christmas picture will be the finishing touch to such a beautiful piece of needlework. Please tell Denise I said hello from Memphis.