Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ponza's Helper

Finally, some photos of my progress. I have finished the water, & the sky, and three of the four borders. The last border, which will be the rice stitch, I am saving for last, as it will be the most fun and will make this canvas just so stunning.

The rocks are coming along. I put in quite a bit of time yesterday; it was dreadfully hot, just too hot to leave the house. My husband was at a Yankee game, my daughter was doing her own thing---was I alone? Really? Just me and the laundry? So I plugged my ipod into my speakers, turned on Stuart Woods' latest book, Lucid Intervals, & stitched away on the rocks. Once the rocks are done I have about 6 shades of boucle for the bushes, with some pretty yellow & white ribbon for the tiny flowers....some french knots are in all likelihood in my future.

Cara helped me take today's photos. She's giving me a piece of her mind right now, as she really wants to be held & I am just insisting on posting to this blog. Honestly! She certainly sympathizes with Stewey.



Anonymous said...


Love the latest pictures and your Ponza is coming along. The rocks look great and your helper, Cara is quite elegant. Thanks for sharing.

Sue VanderNoor

Melinda said...

You have really made some great progress on Ponza, Denise. I really like the way the water has been stitched but it looks like it may have been hard on the eyes (would have been on mine, anyway). I think those of us on the East Coast are all staying in the house to escape the heat. Try to stay cool!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Lovely! The outside border is going to be magnificent. I am looking forward to the bushes and flowers because once they are in, this will almost be finished.

Glad you had a little quiet stitching time to yourself. That's a real luxury for most of us.