Monday, July 5, 2010

Progress on Amy's Cook Up Class and Jake

Amy did such a wonderful and fun stitch guide for Kelly Clark's New York Santa. I have done all three borders except for the beading in the middle border. I have tried to touch just about every area on the canvas and have about a week or two left to stitch. Unfortunately, I have to put it aside to work on the Nativity Home Study. I have to get the Shepherd and Lamb completed and sent to Amy's before September 1. As soon as I have them finished, I will go back and work on my Santa. Our LNS deadline for Christmas finishing is October 1 so I should be able to make this deadline. I also wanted to get a small Princess and Me ornament done for Jake that I am going to have finished as a stand up music box.
Just had to post a few pictures of Jake and all his new stuff. Jake did not know where to look first when we put him in his exer-saucer. He just could not figure out what to touch first. He loved his high chair. He is able to now sit at the table with us when we have dinner. I think the swing was his favorite. He could stay in it all day. Good thing to have for when he comes in September.
Off to work on the Shepherd before Jake arrives.

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