Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life is Good

Denise, my stitching sister, and I have not seen each other since we got back from our trip to Amy's. Denise has been overwhelmed at work. She is so busy that she has not been getting home until 8 or 9 at night and is then just too tired to stitch. Saturday she came over for lunch and stitching. It was so good to see each other and just catch up on everything. We ate lunch, stitched had gelato and biscotti and stitched some more. Jen and Jake came by to see Aunt Denise and to eat too.
Denise is working on a Princess and Me Baby Buggy Ornament. We covered the name since it is a surprise and we do not want to spoil it. I have the same one for Jake in blue. We are going to have them made as stand-ups with music boxes inside them. I have not gotten to mine yet.
I just picked up this pirate ship canvas Saturday morning at our LNS. I started it right away since I have to get it done for Christmas finishing deadlines. This will have to serve as Jake's temporary stocking. Next year he will get a big one.
Work on the Shepherd is progressing. I hope to be able to put a finished picture of him up by next weekend.
Jake and Jen came over today to try out Jake's pool. At first he was a little taken a back by the pool but then he really got into it. Splashing and laughing and just having a great time. I am glad the 45 minutes it took me to inflate it were worth while.
Off to work on the Shepherd. Hope to finish the blue robe and get to the staff tonight.

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