Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finished Mini Stocking and My New Favorite Accessory

I finished Jake's mini stocking today and am happy with the way it came out. I am progressing along very nicely making the Christmas deadlines so far. My next project is the baby boy's pram. I plan on making this into a stand-up with tiny bun feet and having a music box inserted in it. I should make the Christmas deadline with this also.

Today my stitching sister, Denise, and her daughter Ashley came over for lunch. Denise saw the finished Halloweenies and was really blown away. Denise is not a Halloween person but said that after seeing them she would really consider doing them. The Halloweenies like the Nativity are really works of art. Amy has done such an outstanding job on them. I can assure you that if you undertake one of these projects the rewards you will receive stitching them is worth putting aside other projects. I just love working on these projects. After having to work on some other project, I am always happy to return to the Home Study. I actually miss not working on it.

My new favorite accessories are the new suitcase type bags that Amy has in her September newsletter. I just received them today and am so excited about them. Either tomorrow or Saturday I will post pictures of them and tell you what I would use each size for.

Off to work on the baby pram.



Kelly said...

Jake's stocking is adorable! You made me want to take an Amy class.

Michelle said...

Linda, they are all gorgeous...especially the little guy sitting with his Mummy friend.