Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tiger's Done, & Now, Back to Ponza

I just finished my insert for my new Lee handbag. I am a handbag hound, & when Linda & I saw the Italian leather bags, my homeland called to me. So I concentrated, & did this tiger for the first of the two inserts I will make for this bag. I did the whole canvas in tent stitch, for wearability reasons. I used one of my favorite threads, Vineyard Silk, for everything except the eyes. Those I did in Silk Lame, so the eyes would glitter.

I love using Vineyard Silk, as I can avoid my laying tool and there's no plying. I have always loved it, especially for things that will be worn, like handbags & belts. I have a little complaint this time, though: for the first time, I found that it would sometimes pill. I mentioned this to our LNS last week, & this was not the first time they've heard that comment recently. It was a little bit annoying, but not serious enough for me to consider a wearability issue. I will pay attention the next time I use Vineyard Silk again, though. Has anyone else had this problem?

I am now on to my last of the Ponza canvases, the green door. I have a Tony Minieri stitch guide from my spring canvas embellishment class with him. I had to take some time this afternoon to reacquaint myself with the guide & the canvas. I am excited to get back to this canvas; this is one of my favorites, which is why I saved it for last. I would like to finish this before my next Tony embellishment canvas this coming November. Let's see how I do!

Linda is swamped with Nana Day Care & trying to keep up with her life & her chores. Suffice it to say that her two full time jobs are not easy. But I am jealous that she gets to spend time with Jake, while I spend time in my office. At least we had dinner together this week with Karen, where they gave me more details of their trip to Maryland. I tried not to show my jealousy ;)


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Kelly said...

Hi, I've had the same problem lately with the VS pilling. I am basketweaving an entire canvas. Wonder if that makes the difference? I hadn't noticed it when I used decorative stitches on other canvases.