Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Package Arrived

The big brown truck finally arrived with Stirha, Frank, The Shepherd, Lamb and Dr. A.
What a ruckus was going on in that box. I do not think the Shepherd and Lamb were too happy traveling with the Halloweenies and Dr. A is not happy that he is not finished yet. Jen is all excited about her finished Shepherd and Lamb. I am thrilled with Stirha and Frank. The pictures do not do the finished pieces justice. I cannot believe how magnificient they came out. The finishing really made them come to life. Between Amy's stitch guide and her finisher Frank and Stirha really came out great.
I am still on cloud nine after Amy's newsletter. I even put page 7 of the newsletter as my screen saver for my ipad.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Congratulations! It all looks great. I am sure you are on Cloud 9.

Kelly said...

All the pieces look great! I love the feet on the Halloween pieces. Nice finishing.

Anonymous said...

You've done a terrific job and the finishing is great! I can understand your thrill being in Amy's newsletter. What excitement!


Anonymous said...

The finishing is wonderful and the stitching is superb. The Halloweenies are so much fun and congrats on being featured in the newsletter.

I am stitching Halloweenies and have enjoyed watching you stitch Halloween ies and NY Santa. Thanks for sharing

Sue VanderNoor

Melinda said...

Wow! It's no wonder you are the Featured Stitcher in Amy's newsletter. Your work is spectacular! Of course the stitch guides are great and the thread selections as well - not to mention the finisher, but it takes a skillful stitcher to pull it alltogether and bring these characters to life. You really did a masterful job with all of them. Way to go Linda!

Denise & Linda said...

I just want to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful words.