Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Have I Been Doing?

Just wanted to let you know that I have been very busy with Nana Day Care. The first two weeks were wonderful. Jake took about a 45 minute nap in the morning and a 2 hour plus nap in the afternoon. Jake is a very good little man but he requires a lot of attention. It has taken me a while to realize that I just cannot do everything I use to do before him. I have to do a lot of my work after he leaves for the day and that is cutting into my stitching. Stitching has been going very slow. Only get about two maybe three hours, if I am lucky, to stitch at night. I have finished the bottom borders on Dr. A and am working on the background. During the day I try to work on something mindless while siting on the floor with Jake. Denise, my stitching sister, gave me a canvas with "Jake" on it for the Lee Photo Album and I am working on the background for that. Hope to get the background for Dr. A done by the end of the week and then I will do my homework on Hermina Batwings.

Will try to post pictures of my progress on Dr. A and Hermina soon.


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Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - seems we're all finding our stitching time limited these days. I brought work home again tonight so that means no quality time with Dr. A. Hope you find those couple of hours to stitch this evening. Hang on for the weekend!