Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day with Tony

Today Linda & I had a canvas embellishment class with Tony Minieri at our LNS, Stitch by Stitch. As expected, it was a wonderful day. I sent a Liz canvas to Tony to work up a guide; it is a cute canvas of mice playing amongst the books. I really love it, & I knew Tony would do an amazing job. Of course, he did not disappoint. You can see my canvas with the guide & the threads.

The only section of the canvas I actually got accomplished was a section of the book where the mouse's tail comes over the book. Tony has the tails done in a technique called Repousse', where you wrap thread over a diminishing core. It is quite effective.

The side of the book under the tail is done in an outline stitch; I think it does look like pages, don't you think?

Linda will only be able to take the first day of the class; she will not be in class tomorrow. She could not get a day off from her day care duties. She submitted a cute Shelley Tribbey witch; Tony did a great guide for her, too; the background will be a pumpkin face darning pattern. I could hear Linda's gears turning, trying to figure out how to rearrange her stitching lineup to fit this one in. Here's the link to Linda's canvas; it's number H308.

I will try to get a little bit more stitching done tonight, so I can be sure to ask Tony all my questions tomorrow.


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Melinda said...

Hi Denise - Sounds like you and Linda had a fun day in your class. I like the canvases you both chose and look forward to seeing your progress on them. Learn a lot tomorrow!