Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bunnies Are Back

The bunnies arrived home just in time for Easter. The finishing is just spectacular. I love the filled baskets and all the ribbon and trim. Ruth and her finisher did a wonderful job on them.

Rhett and Scarlett were all excited to be home and just hopped out of the box. They were all excited to tell me that they met their twins (Karen's bunnies) at the finisher and had a wonderful time together. I have to thank Ruth and her finisher for getting them to me in time for Easter.

They look perfect on my mantel and I will have to leave them out for awhile. They are just too cute to put away after Easter.

Happy Easter



Ruth Schmuff said...

Just look at those charmers. You did such a beautiful job stitching them. The finishing only enhances your efforts. Happy Easter.

Suestich said...

Those Bunnies are just perfect. Stitching and finishing spectacular. I bet they were fun to stitch

Have a wonderful Easter

Sue VanderNoor

Missy Gray said...

They look so festive. Beautifully stitched and the finishing really brings them to life!

Melinda said...

Oh, Linda - Scarlett and Rhett couldn't be cuter! I'm so happy you got them in time for Easter. Ruth is right, the finishing only enhances your wonderful stitching. They look fabulous! It was worth the effort and worth the wait to get them home again. Great stitching!

Kelly Clark said...

Oh Linda! The bunnies are fabulous!
You did an incredible job!!!
Gorgeous stitching!