Saturday, April 16, 2011

John the Picture Hanger

Today, John the picture hanger came to hang the Ponza pictures. I was so excited for him to come over. He also attached lights to each frame, to highlight the picture. My friend Annmarie, who I consider to be my personal shopper, purchased the lights for me on one of her shopping jaunts. John was hesitant at first, he thought the wall was too big, & the pictures might get lost. I was impressed, John measured & measured & measured before he put a nail on the wall. If my husband & I had done this, we would have ended up divorced. Phil the framer knew this, hence he provided John's name and number.

I am terribly lonely without Linda, even though we've spoken frequently since she's been away. She will have a lot to talk about here on the blog; I hope that Jake is easy on her in Nana Day Care this week, so she has time for herself, the blog & her stitching (not necessarily in order of importance).

The weather here is just not so nice, so I am grabbing my stitching & settling onto the couch in the family room. I am going to listen to a podcast about ABC's decision to cancel two of its three daytime soap operas in favor of a reality show & a cooking show. They could have felt free to use the spots occupied by The View (which I despise) & Oprah (thankfully almost off the air). I don't even watch either All My Children or One Life to Live, but I think it's horrible that ABC cancelled these. I do watch GH & they better not even think about it.

Enjoy your Saturday.



SharonG Needlepoint said...

Oh Wow Denise! The arrangement looks beautiful. Now you need to have a Ponza Party to celebrate the installation.

Now I need to design a few more so the picture hanger can fill the wall! He did say it might look empty.

Missy Gray said...

Oh, Denise, they look magnificent! How beautiful. The grouping must make you smile every time you look at it. Breathtaking!

I thought that I was the only person on planet earth doing the happy dance that Oprah Winfrey, mercifully, is almost gone from network television. (Then I can just surf off of her very own network)!

Happy stitching on this rainy, gray day!

ChitownStitcher said...

Hi Denise, your Ponza pictures look beautiful. Will you put your stitched Ponza pictures near by? I never realized there were professional picture hangers. Where did you find the podcast about the soaps? My favorite stitching time is while watching AMC, OLTL & GH and I am sad that they are canceling 2 of them. I totally agree that they could have canceled the View. It makes no sense to put on a cooking show and one aimed at weight loss and other behavior changes.

Denise & Linda said...

I had John hang the Ponza photos on top, & the stitched canvases below them.

You can find the podcast on Itunes, called Daytime Confidential, but I think you can also get it on their web site,


ashley bradley said...

Gorgeous work Denise! You should be quite proud of yourself :)

Madalena and Betty said...

Wow they look great good job you should be so pleased.

Suestich said...

Oh Denise

The Ponza Wall is breathtaking. I bet you are enjoying them alot. Just beautiful!!

Sue VanderNoor

mskathk said...

I love the presentation! I'd hire John in a moment if I had work that's as beautiful as yours to hang...