Friday, July 8, 2011

Busy Weekend

No photo from the Stitching Sisters today. Linda is on the road today, for a class at Bedecked and Bedazzled. On her road trip down with Karen, they stopped at Rittenhouse; Linda told me that I wouldn't recognize the place, it's just filled with threads and threads & threads! So glad they made this stop along the way.

Today I dropped off 14 ornaments for Christmas finishing to our local Stitch by Stitch. Can't believe Christmas finishing deadlines are looming ahead.

We have a huge family wedding this weekend; my cousin's daughter, Silvana is getting married tomorrow. The wedding's been in planning for over a year, and we are all so excited. My daughter Ashley is one of the 13 (!!) bridesmaids, so today was a big "beautification" day for Ashley and I.

I'll try to get up a wedding photo this weekend. Everyone, happy stitching!


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Robin said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and the 14 ornaments. Lucky you to visit Rittenhouse. Can't wait to see photos. Hugs, Robin