Monday, July 25, 2011

Zippety Do Dah.....

As I watched our nation's leaders make total fools of themselves this evening, I finished up this latest in the calendar series. This was a very quick stitch, & I just love the ribbon work.

My theory for doing the backgrounds first didn't work out as well as it did in the last few canvases, as you can see that a few of the horizontal threads shifted askew. I got over it. My Nanny used to say there needed to be an error to make it yours. Besides, I think when it's matted & placed inside the calendar, we won't notice a thing.

Linda got a good report from the doctor today. Recovery will be slow but will happen; I know all of you are encouraging her to be patient with herself and not to push herself too much. She's being very good and I am looking forward to seeing her this week at our class at Stitch by Stitch.



1 comment:

mskathk said...

Love the combination of color, 'thread', n stitches!
As for our 'leaders', 'Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.'