Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stitching Through the Heat Wave

It's been brutally hot here & really throughout most of the US these past few weeks. I've had a busy July, what with the 4th of July holiday, a glorious wedding, work on the campaigns of two local candidates,
Linda's surgery, a family BBQ, out of town family sleepover guests (twice), a christening and--oh, yes, work, too. Throw in my pulled hamstring (don't ask) and it's been a circus around here. This was my first free weekend in weeks, and when my husband suggested going to a movie tonight, I looked at him like he was insane.

Considering all this, there's been some stitching lately. Our class with Tony M at Stitch by Stitch was cancelled on Wednesday, so I found myself with a hole in my stitching calendar. I took the opportunity to finish the insert for my Lee's credit card case (sorry, no photo, it's already in use in my purse that's downstairs). I've started a new canvas for my Lee's bag as well. I finished up the 4th canvas in the Raymond Crawford calendar club from A Stitch in Time, & I've already started this month's canvas. Woo hoo! Big stash action!

Linda's recovering slowly; she's pretty limited in what she can do with that arm. Monday she'll see the doctor and start PT soon thereafter we're pretty sure. She's bored to tears, but is being a very good patient. I'm very proud of her discipline. I think she's going to heal up just fine!

It's going to be pretty warm here again I think stitching will continue. Next week promises the return of the insanity.....I can't believe the summer is half over!


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Pat said...


We've been thinking of you and hoping that your arm progresses well and you are back stitching. Come see us soon!

Pat from B&B