Friday, July 15, 2011

A Linda Update

Linda's surgery was successfully completed yesterday afternoon and she is home now resting as comfortably as possible after rotater cuff surgery. The report from the surgeon was that all went well and she recovered swiftly from her anesthesia. Last night, and again tonight, she has to sleep in a chair. This may have to ensue for a few days. She did her exercises today, as instructed, ate a little, made a few calls, looked at her newest Needlepoint Now, watched some TV & was generally bored out of her mind. She is taking her pain medication (begrudgingly), and fortunately is not feeling too much more than annoyingly uncomfortable, particularly because the arm's pretty unusable.

The pain meds make her too tired to stitch, so, naturally, she's a little cranky. I know all of you are thinking happy thoughts with me for her swift recovery, as her stash awaits her prompt attention!

I am in the midst of my crazy July, and will have a needlepoint update for you as soon as I can do some needlepoint!



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Give Linda gentle hugs from me, please! We are hoping for a swift and complete recovery.

Anonymous said...

Glad surgery went well and now many positive thoughts towards a speedy recovery.

Sue V

Anne Bloom said...

Feel better! Good thoughts for a speedy and complete recovery and lots of stash stitched!