Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who followed our spa/needlepoint adventure. I appreciate your taking the time to read our blog and all your wonderful comments.

Ashley, Denise, Jen, Karen and I had a wonderful time. We started our adventure with a visit to The Enriched Stitch. You should go visit this needlepoint store. It is filled with wonderful threads and canvases. They offer great classes both for beginners and more advanced stitchers and they also bring in nationally known teachers like, Julia Snyder. I will definitely go back for a visit.

Not a lot of stitching was done since we had to much fun at our little cocktail party.
Needless to say we probably would not have been able to find the holes in the canvas.

I got the most wonderful gifts. Denise and Karen gave me a gift certificate to have a family portrait done along with a gift certificate to have my hair and make up done for the picture. I decided that the portrait will be of Jen, Jake and myself. Ashley gave me a very generous gift certificate to Talbots to get an outfit for the portrait. These gifts mean so much to me. The portrait will be a reminder of the special friends I have and the wonderful trip we had.

I also want to thank everyone who played a very important part in helping me fulfill my dream for the party favors. You know who you are and you know that I cannot thank you enough.

One last picture from our trip.

This was my dessert last night.



Melinda said...

Hi, Linda - I'm so happy you had such a good time on your birthday getaway! Sounds like y'all had such fun. And didn't you receive such wonderful, thoughtful gifts! Of course, you win the prize for such a fabulous party favor!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday!

Steph's Stitching said...

Fantastic gifts, fantastic friends and family to share it with. This will be a birthday to remember!

Diane Gasior said...

Happy Birthday Linda! Cool and 50 degrees tonight in NL. Not a single shop up here. Not even cross stitch. You are a wonderful person and it shows by how much your friends love you!

Denise & Linda said...

Thank you everyone. You are all way to kind.

Steph's Stitching said...

Are you and Karen in the ANU class in October? I am in that class! Please tell me that is when you are going.

Denise & Linda said...

Hi Steph,
Yes, we are. How exciting! Cannot wait to meet you.

Steph's Stitching said...

Yippee! That will be so much fun. What are you going to be doing in the class? I am stitching Ewe and Eye's Coming Home. It's a little white house. Can't wait to meet you both. Dinner Thursday night?

Steph's Stitching said...

Linda-Check your private messages on FB when you have time. Steph