Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Have Denise and Linda Been Doing

Since our return from our spa weekend Denise has been knitting. She is making these beautiful lacy look scarfs. After the Thanksgiving roof, Denise has been in the need of immediate gratification and knitting is doing just that. She can finish a scarf in one to two nights. I think she has made at least four. I have to ask her to post pictures of them for you all to see.

I have been in the closet literally. I spent all last week cleaning out the closets and organizing them. I will not even tell you the stuff I have gotten rid of. Waiting for Big Brother and Sister to come pick up the 20 HUGE bags I have for them. I also cleaned out my needlepoint stash. I sent a 17.5 pound box off to Fireside Stitchery to be sold on eBay. The box was filled with canvases some with stitch guides and threads. You would think that I would have really put a dent into my stash but I did not. There may still be somethings I will sell but right now I am not ready to part with them.

I have done some stitching on the front of the Thanksgiving House. The roof is almost done. I just have to do the trame. Once the front is done I will move onto the back and then the sides.

Here is a picture of the yummy threads that Karen and I picked out for my Colors of Praise belt. I purchased the threads from The Enriched Stitch. Silk n Ivory was on sale for 30% off.


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Steph's Stitching said...

You must feel good getting all that stuff cleaned out. Love the belt