Friday, July 26, 2013

All That Glitters

During my reorganization of my canvases, I realized all the beautiful canvases that
I have in my stash and that I want to stitch. I signed up for this club with The Needle House in 2009. The canvases are by A Collection of Designs and the guides are by Nancy Laux. I finished five of the ornaments during 2009 and then got distracted by other projects. Last week I pulled out the remaining ornaments and am presently working on them. Would like to get them finished before the Christmas finishing deadline.

Here is the green and pink ornament ready to go to finisher. Have six more to stitch.

I realized something during my big clean up - I have a fabulous stash. I love everything and want to stitch everything. I also realized that I can get caught up in the moment and buy something I really have no interest in. I will get the canvas and say, "Why did I buy this?". I will no longer buy on impulse. I will go home and after a couple of days if I still have to have the canvas I will then order it. All of the canvases I have sent to Fireside for sale were bought on impulse. I have not counted the number of canvases I presently have in my stash but a very rough guess would be well over 400. Some of these canvases are small ornaments, some
medium and a few large. Hope to stitch a few within the next year. Stay tuned and see how I do. Oh, this does not mean I am not going to buy anymore canvases. It just means I am going to be more selective in my purchases.



Anne Bloom said...

Linda, I have discovered the same thing about myself! The total impulse purchase is not my friend! Now when I see a canvass I just love and have to have I put on a list I keep on my iPhone. This list is for when there is a trunk show or sale. I look at the list and see if I still love the canvas. Sometimes I do, sometimes it was just a fling and sometimes I just change my mind. This has helped me make wise purchases!

Denise & Linda said...

Thanks Anne. I also keep pictures of canvases I like.
The pink and green Nutcracker is an example - had the picture since January and when I saw it in person I knew I had to order it.

Diane Gasior said...

You sweet thing you. I don't feel sooooo bad anymore. There is a sisterhood in canvas stashing!

jill said...

Yes, oh yes. I do the same thing. It was after I put all my canvases in a spreadsheet that I realized how many I had and had to start slowing down. I love your ideas of keeping lists and photos of canvases that you like for future sales. Wonderful post Linda and thank you all for sharing.