Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Big Reveal Part 1

After two weeks of working on organizing my sewing room, I am just about finished.
I have to get a new label maker to mark each box with the thread name

This built-in has a desk top for my computer, and also has some of my needlepoint books, magnetic board for magnets and of course pictures of Jake.

The lower part of the cabinet holds my office supplies and more books. I also have my Home Study Binders in this cabinet.

Built-in number two.

Threads are stored in this cabinet. Also in this cabinet are Amy DVDs, glass laying tools, sewing scissors, all my beading threads, decorative buttons and beads.

This is a picture of my storage boxes for Kreinik.

Here are the boxes I purchased at the Container Store that hold all my beads.

The bottom of this cabinet holds more threads, a box filled with needles and another box filled with fray check, thread heaven, thread drops and various other needlepoint tools

I am thrilled with the reorganization of my sewing room. It is so nice opening a cabinet and not having bags of threads falling on my head. Everything has a place and as I finish a project all the threads from it will be put into the proper thread boxes.

More to come tomorrow.


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Diane Gasior said...

Great job! Don't you feel so mentally cleansed? I know when I get in a cleaning/organizing mode, it's just good for my soul.