Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Christmas In July

In April when I was attending a class by Laura Taylor at The Needle Works, I saw this Nutcracker canvas by Sandra Gilmore. I had seen pictures of it before and loved it but when I saw it in person, I knew that I had to have. I asked Colleen Church, the owner of The Needle Works, if she would order it for me and do a stitch guide. Today it arrived, I love everything. The stitch guide is fabulous, the threads, beads, and accessories are absolutely perfect. I am a pink and green girl and this canvas with all the beautiful threads is just the perfect canvas for me.

Look at the fabulous covers Colleen found for his buttons.

This is definitely going into my rotation. Just have two more small projects to do for the holidays. Hope to start it by next week.

I have been busy organizing all the closets and am now even helping Jen in her place. Jake has too many toys around and we really need to find a place to store them. We are going to use an extra closet which will be the perfect place for them.
It has been a busy summer getting projects done in the house that I could not do with Jake here.

Jake and the butterfly. He goes to the Greenburgh Nature Center every week for the special program they run for kids his age.


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Diane Gasior said...

Hi Linda, I absolutely love the nutcracker. I can not wait to see you start it. Pink and Green, oh how I miss Pappagallo!