Friday, July 5, 2013

Santa Arrived Early

The UPS man delivered this wonderful package to me today.

This is Ruth Schmuff's new Mystery Class With A Twist. The canvas is Christmas Village by Melissa Shirley. The photos of this canvas do not do it justice. It is absolutely fabulous in person. Ruth sent us a wonderful reindeer magnet and two fabulous bags. One bag is for all our beads and the other is for all our threads.
I love these bags. They will certainly keep you organized.

I want to start this right now but have a few small projects to finish before holiday deadlines. Okay, I admit I cannot resist. I will get it on bars tonight and will probably start the sky.



Diane Gasior said...

You lucky girl. This one canvas mystery class that I am going to be sorry I didn't join. Working diligently on the pear banner this weekend. Layer one of the background is almost done. Should be able to start layer two on Sunday. Happy stitching tonight.

Steph's Stitching said...

I'm with Diane. I am regretting not signing up already! So cute.