Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Finish

I love my small projects - immediate gratification.

Had this small witch hat in my stash along with the spider leg base for about a year.
During my canvas reorganizing, I came across it and pulled it out to stitch.

Last night I had only the hot fix crystals to do. I got myself all set up to attach the crystals only to discover the hot fix applicator was broken. It did not heat up.
I immediately goggled to see who sold them. Joann's had them in stock. I was at the store at 9AM and made my purchase.

Getting ready to apply the crystals. Can you believe that this tiny canvas has 35 crystals on it.

Ready to go to finisher. One tip I learned is not to press down too hard when applying the crystals. It pushes them into the canvas and you can see some of the purple around the crystal. The crystals I did not press down on are much better.
I have to live with it since you cannot take it out like a stitch.

Getting ready for my next project. Tomorrow I will get a Jake fix. He will be here for about an hour while Jen is at the dentist. The other day when he left and was being buckled into his car seat I heard him say, "Buckle up - Safety First". You gotta love this little guy.

Okay I know you want to see a picture of the little guy. Here is waiting for the turtle to go under his legs.


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