Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Christmas Everywhere

Non-stitchers are always so amused when they see you working on a Christmas canvas when Christmas is 10 months away. Of course, they have no idea about finishing deadlines in September and the amount of time it takes to stitch a Christmas canvas, and they are always so amazed when you inform them of these very pertinent facts.

Linda has been stitching (beautifully) away on the Nativity set with Amy Bunger's Home Study class, and I am sometimes reluctant to post soon after she displays her stitching, as I want you all to enjoy what she's done. I am stitching, too, although not as diligently (I managed to restrain myself and NOT join three monthly clubs like my Stitching Sister!). Here's a photo of what I did this past weekend.
This is one of Melissa Shirley's candy canes. I did a Skip Tent for the background, in Alabaster. For the gold squares, I used Kreinik in Scotch stitches. For the hearts, I did a Van Dyke for the green stripes, again in Kreinik, and for the red in the hearts, I used some Vineyard Silk in a gobelin stitch. I used my stash for all the threads....LOVE doing that!
I promise to add on the embellishments to the mantle and post a photo of that soon. Linda has shown you what the ribbon initial canvas looks like; mine looks the same except there's a W there instead of an L. When we get some ribbon flowers on it we will show you the finished products.

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