Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finished the Ribbon Initial--Updated

I worked my little fingers to the bone, but I finished the ribbon initial. What do you think?

Should I make a pillow from this? What kind? Framed out? What kind of trim? What kind of fabric backing? Or should I make a wall hanging (no idea where I'll hang it though). What about setting it on an easel? Both Linda & I need some ideas from!
I was kind of stuck after putting the first few spiderweb roses what? Fortunately, my ANG chapter had a very timely class this week on silk ribbon embroidery, and I was inspired to work on this & get it finished.
The class was taught by Lynn Shamberger, and was so very informative. I really learned a lot abour ribbon embroidery, and even though I had familiarity with the method, Lynn really inspired me.
I will admit that my fingers got tired's hard to pull that ribbon through the canvas sometime.
Looking forward to your feedback.....D


Nannette said...

That is beautiful! I think I'd do it as a pillow, a mitered square. You could use some bright pink or green fabric and maybe some trim on the outside.

Front Range Stitcher said...

You've really worked magic with the ribbon. The colors are so cheerful and your execution is gorgeous! Most definitely a pillow would be my recommendation.

Margaret said...

That is lovely! What is that background stitch?

I would probably make it into a pillow but that seems to be what I do with my stuff these days.

Denise & Linda said...

The background was a darning pattern, in sixes. It was pretty easy, but I will admit it got a bit tedious. At one point I made a mistake & tried to ignore it; I later had to rip out about 15-20 columns. Sigh.....D