Friday, March 27, 2009

My little Quilted Heart

Quite a few things have also come back from the finishers for me. I am trying to pace myself in posting these....

This was a fun little project. Of course now I have no idea what to do with it. I hung it on the stair railing at home, only to find kitten Cara walking around with it in her mouth 2 minutes later. Then I hung it up high, on my daughter's door, only to have both Cara & Mia leaping into the air trying to get to it.

So for now it's in the top drawer of my sideboard, until it looks less interesting to them.
Tomorrow Linda & I are off to Philly, ostensibly to visit with my daughter, take her & some friends to lunch, and bring home some stuff---the end of the school year is actually in sight!
Of course you all know that Rittenhouse Needlepoint is right near where we are going for lunch.......D

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Front Range Stitcher said...

The pastel heart is very sweet. Nice finish.