Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great News

We are going back to Amy's next June. Denise is coming this time. We are all so excited. Jen and I know what to expect but Denise is just busting she is so happy.

Next week we will be taking Tony's canvas embellishment class and we will let you know how we are doing with our canvases and what the class is like. Looking forward to meeting Tony. Only heard good things about him.

Progress on the Magi is going slow. Had a lot going on this week and have not gotten to sit down and stitch until after 9P.M. Hope things improve so I can make some serious progress.

The latest All That Glitters arrived. Was not crazy about the color combination of pink and orange so I changed it to green and pink. Now I have to see how it works once it is stitched.


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