Monday, June 1, 2009

Jen's Class Progress

Jen is really progressing on her class piece. She is basically done with all the leaves (all done in a variety of knots) and will now be moving onto the flowers. She hopes to get it done by the weekend so she can start on her Magi. Last night Jen was over for dinner and we went onto Amy's website and checked out the home study course for the Nativity. The finished Elephant was on it. You have to check this out. You cannot believe the magnificent job Amy did on the Elephant. The detail on this piece is just unbelievable. This will certainly make you want to do this course. The Nativity is a big time commitment but the reward in the end is more than worth it.
I have the bottom three borders on the Magi completed and now onto the background.
The ort box is finished. Jen finished off the initial for me and I attached it to the box last night.
Will take it to the Tony Mineri class next week.

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Front Range Stitcher said...

Wow, you've really made a lot of headway. I love the Boston Fern and the window frame is wonderful. Good Luck with the Magi. Have enjoyed watching your progress and hearing about your trip to Amy's.