Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Sky over Ponza's Seacoast

I know everyone thought I just fell into the sea while stitching away on Ponza's seacoast, but here I am, back to show you what I've accomplished.

What I've worked on since Tony's class has been the sky. You might be able to see bits and pieces of stitching here & there on the canvas, but that was at Tony's suggestion, so I could be sure I could master the stitch guide. Once the class ended I went to the part of the canvas that was farthest away--the sky. I worked this in two shades of Dinky Dyes, a darker blue on top, a lighter blue on the bottom closer to the water. The two blues are blended with a Waterlilies overdye as they approach the center section. The Waterlilies is absolutely gorgeous, with all the colors of this sky as they are on the canvas AND in real life, with shades of blue, and some peach, and lavender. In the center of the sky, I used just the Waterlilies alone, then on to the lighter shade of the blue Dinky Dye. Stupendous match.

The stitch is a modified Kennan stitch, worked on the diagonal. It's a very open stitch, perfect for this canvas in letting the beautiful Sharon G painting show through.

My next area that I am going to work are those dark hills in the background. Actually, that's a few small, uninhabited islands near Ponza, great for a day of swimming & picnicking.

Ah, I can smell the sea air......



Sharon G said...

This canvas will be a masterpiece. Tony is a genius and I am thrilled you allowed him to work with you on this canvas.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It's beautiful! This was my favorite of the Italian seascapes and I think you are going to stitch a masterpiece as SharonG says.

Hurry up. I want to see MORE.

Jane, passing the popcorn to SharonG as we sit on the couch together, watching....