Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colonial Needle, Part 3

There are a few more things about our visit to Colonial Needle last week that we wanted to share with you. One was that there were the cutest canvases introduced called "Bazooples." These are adorable children's canvases, which young parents & doting grandparents will be all all over. There are giraffes & lions & tigers....unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of these, but check with your LNS, ask for the new Lee's Bazooples, & I am sure they will get you a photo.
By the way, that's another of the many stunning handmade quilts adorning the walls all over Colonial Needle's home.
Jim told me there are always new artists being tested for their Lee's canvas line. Jim showed us canvases of some lions and snow leopards that will make a terrific enhancement to their current animals in the line; I hope they are added in. I've posted a photo of some of the current felines in the Lee's line that are on display at our LNS.

Visiting at Colonial Needle was a fascinating glimpse into the needlepoint industry. From the needles, to seeing a trunk show ship out (a lot of work for the LNS, and for the distributors, all so we can get a wonderful showcase of their goods), to the behind the scenes glimpses into what drives a good company forward, we both learned so much from this experience.
Speaking of trunk shows, our local needlepoint store, Stitch by Stitch, in Larchmont, NY, is having a Lee's leather goods trunk show at the end of September. Both the store owners and Lee's owners are excited about this event. You can reach Stitch by Stitch on line or in person or by phone at 914-834-1886.

Linda & I remain especially impressed with the dedication of this company's owners to listening to their customers. We have heard the same compliment expressed by many of the needlepoint shops we've visited in our travels. They have expanded on the vision of Lee's as it has been incorporated into Colonial Needle, and we wish them much success in their future. We see plenty of happy stitching ideas coming our way!

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